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Enabling lawsuit plaintiffs to maximize recovery

We are here to help you recover and live comfortably while waiting for your lawsuit to resolve. LawCash® provides lawsuit funding, surgical financing, and settled case funding for plaintiffs.


Our advances help plaintiffs pay their bills. Pre-settlement funding levels the playing field against large defendants and insurance companies. The injured can then fully recover, as they deserve to do.


Helping those with personal-injury lawsuits and other types of claims recover. LawCash provides lawsuit advances in a variety of negligence cases, including motor vehicle accidents, Jones Act, products liability, wrongful imprisonment, police brutality, NFL concussion, and medical malpractice lawsuits, among many others.


Lawsuit surgery funding helps plaintiffs get the care they need without settling too soon. Often, accident victims and other injured plaintiffs need medical care but cannot afford it. Surgery funding advances can make the difference.


When your case settles but you still have to wait months or more to receive payment. Settled case funding bridges the gap between resolution and recovery. This service is necessary because often there is a long time between settlement and payment.


Everything you need to know about lawsuit funding.  If you are a lawsuit plaintiff looking for a lawsuit funding advance while your claim resolves, you may have many questions and concerns. If you have already received funding from us, you may have additional questions.

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