1. History.

Ethical legal funding.


A Pioneer in the Legal Funding Industry

When LawCash® opened its doors almost two decades ago, it helped start a new industry. LawCash received both praise and skepticism in response. Determination and tenacity paid off and LawCash built a track record of attending to the fundamental needs of the injured and of the legal community.

Countless legal funding companies have come and gone since then. LawCash has remained, a reliable business which aims to provide the most honorable and responsible service at the lowest cost.

This simple mantra has allowed LawCash to help thousands of clients with lawsuit funding advances, and their attorneys, during difficult times.

As a pioneer in the legal funding industry, and as a founding member of the trade organization for the industry, the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA), LawCash has been instrumental in establishing industry standards for pre-settlement lawsuit funding, most notably regarding transparency and disclosure of terms to clients.

LawCash is and will remain a standard bearer in the pre-settlement lawsuit funding industry.  We will always adhere to our mission, to facilitate justice for those who would be left behind without our assistance.  We thank you for your confidence in us over the years and promise to strive to do even better in the future.


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