1. Our Standards.

Ethical legal funding.


Litigation Funding, the Ethical Way

LawCash is a legal funding company that has taken a leading role in litigation financing.  As a litigation funding leader, we PROMISE

  •      We promise to treat our clients and potential clients professionally, respectfully and with compassion.
  •      We promise to provide full legal funding fee disclosure, up-front.
  •      We promise that there will be no surprises anywhere in the litigation financing process.
  •      We encourage plaintiffs and attorneys to come back to us for litigation financing in the future.
  •      We structure rolling contracts whenever feasible. This form of legal funding provides for a drawdown of funds when needed, rather than advancing funds in a lump-sum payment all at once.
  •   We give all clients a five-business-day right to cancel their legal funding contract without obligation or penalty.

LawCash® has taken a leading role in the litigation funding industry and is an original founder of the American Legal Finance Association (ALFA). ALFA sets high standards and best practices for the lawsuit funding industry, protecting the rights of plaintiffs in the United States.

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