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Litigation Funding Experts

LawCash® has provided thousands of plaintiffs throughout the country with pre-settlement funding, plaintiff funding advances in lawsuits, surgical financing, and settled case funding. Years ago, LawCash® executive management identified the need for cheaper, better, and more ethical litigation funding in the United States.

Meet our Executive Management…

A group of legal funding experts dedicated to helping plaintiffs and attorneys obtain the settlements and awards they deserve.

Litigation funding expert - Dennis Shields, Chief Executive Officer of LawCash

Dennis Shields

Dennis Shields, a pioneer in the litigation funding industry, founded LawCash® in 2000 and served as the Chief Executive Officer from its inception in 2000 until his passing in 2018. A visionary in the field, he also was the founding organizer and the Executive Chairman of the Board of Esquire® Bank and YieldStreet®. Esquire® Bank is a full-service, federally-chartered (FDIC) bank which provides cutting-edge banking services to trial attorneys, including case cost finance, structured settlement loans, and case-cost lines of credit. YieldStreet® is a groundbreaking online marketplace for investing in alternative asset-based loans.

From 1996 to 2004, Dennis Shields served as a lay member of the Grievance Committee to the Second and Eleventh Judicial Departments appointed by presiding judges from 1996 to 2004. He also served on the NY State Health Information and Quality Improvement Committee.

Dennis Shields was an accomplished writer with two published novels and had a SAG credit as a movie actor in The Girlfriend Experience. An expert in litigation funding, Mr. Shields was a was truly a visionary and an innovator, who helped countless people in their time of need. He often said how proud he was “of all the merry Christmases and happy Thanksgivings” his company helped facilitate. LawCash® will continue to strive to achieve Dennis’ vision and to help injury victims secure justice

Litigation funding expert - Harvey R. Hirschfeld, President and Director of LawCash

Harvey R. Hirschfeld

Harvey R. Hirschfeld has been the President and Director of LawCash® since its inception. With over 35 years of experience in consumer and commercial lending, and financial administration, he is an expert in lawsuit funding. Harvey Hirschfeld is also the Chairman of American Legal Finance Association (ALFA) and helped found ALFA. Through its “Best Practices” and legislative efforts, ALFA reaches out to states and municipalities to promote its ideals of ethical pre-settlement funding and high-quality lawsuit funding.

Harvey Hirschfeld is also Special Advisor to the Board of Esquire Bank and a director of Oritani Bank, (Nasdq – ORIT), in Washington Township, New Jersey.

Jason Younger

Jason Younger has served as the Executive Vice President of LawCash® since its inception. He holds an MBA and previously worked as the Vice President for cash management of HealthShield Capital Corporation.

Prior to his tenure at HealthShield, Jason Younger was an Assistant Treasurer and Portfolio Analyst for BNY Financial, a subsidiary of the Bank of New York.

David Daniel

David Daniel is the Controller of LawCash®. He holds an MBA in finance and accounting. A CPA with over thirty years of experience in the financial services industry, David Daniel has worked as the CFO of First Atlantic Federal Credit Union, Director of Securities Operations for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Vice President and Controller of SBLI USA Mutual Life Insurance Company, and as Engagement Manager, Audit and Consulting Services, for Accume Partners, a nationwide auditing and consulting company. In addition, David Daniel is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance at New York University.

If you have filed a personal injury lawsuit or other type of lawsuit, or plan to file a claim and are represented by an attorney, LawCash® may be able to offer you pre-settlement funding

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