Class Action Lawsuit News: Asbestos Lawsuits Against Ford Motors

Ford Motors has been a defendant in a number of lawsuits responding to evidence showing the automaker’s parts contain asbestos. In fact, courts have awarded several million dollars to those victimized by Ford Motor Company. Employees in Ford Motor plants and in auto shops across the world were subjected to asbestos and many subsequently developed mesothelioma as well as other life-threatening illnesses. Sadly, some of these victims passed away as a result of exposure to asbestos. Even those who worked auto shops have had solid legal footing against Ford in the past as they have likely been exposed to vehicle parts containing asbestos when working on brakes and engine parts. Though some juries have determined Ford is only partially to blame, the company’s share of liability for the onset of mesothelioma and resulting deaths has amounted to millions of dollars in damages.

Legal Battles Against Ford

Like most corporations found liable for multi-million dollar lawsuit damages, Ford has requested courts to overturn unfavorable verdicts for a new trial. However, the automaker’s legal motions for second hearings have not been granted by courts. As an example, the Superior Court of Delaware denied Ford’s motions to overturn a $40 million verdict, forcing the automaker to compensate the surviving spouse of a mechanic exposed to Ford’s asbestos-laden parts.

The Ongoing Fight Against Ford’s Negligence

Though there is an abundance of evidence pointing to Ford’s use of asbestos in vehicle brake linings, the automaker is not going down without a fight. Demonstrated by the automaker’s recent victory in a St. Louis court, the company insists that evidence set forth by plaintiffs’ attorneys lacks credibility. However, the plaintiff in this St. Louis case, appears to have worked in Baltimore as opposed to Florida. Ford also relied upon expert testimony to argue that it is impossible for chrysotile asbestos in brake components to lead to the onset of mesothelioma. This is just one instance of the automaker’s legal strategy against refuting those who claim asbestos-exposure from brake components.

Ford Engine Parts also Contained Asbestos

Former Ford mechanics, as well as gearheads working in auto shops,  have a chance of asbestos exposure through contact with the Ford brake components and engine parts. Automotive workers who came into contact work with these parts face the risk of developing an asbestos-related disease.

Victor Michael, a Ford Motor Company engine mechanic, was diagnosed with mesothelioma after inhaling/ingesting airborne fibers of asbestos. These fibers subsequently settled into the linings of Michel’s heart, lungs and stomach. Such fibers are likely to catalyze the growth of mesothelioma cells that lead to cancer. However, it takes upwards of a decade to five decades after the initial point of exposure for mesothelioma to develop and Ford pushed back on multiple assertions in the case in an attempt to discredit the evidence.

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