Disney Cruise Worker Awarded $4 Million in Personal Injury Lawsuit

For Maria Ana Reis Martins, it seemed like just another workday in 2013 on the Disney cruise ship where she worked as a dining room server. There was no way for her to foresee the turn of events that would lead to lost earnings and a lengthy legal battle.

How Did it Happen?

When the vessel docked on the pristine shores of the Bahamas, Martins disembarked, along with the other employees and guests. Unfortunately, while exploring the port that day, Martins was struck by a car. Miraculously, she managed to get back to the boat, where she sought care from the on-board medical team. They concluded she hadn’t sustained any major injuries and was cleared to return to work.

An Incorrect Diagnosis Leads to Litigation

Much later and still in pain, Martins consulted with a Florida doctor who determined that her injuries were more serious. It was determined that Martins had three broken ribs.  Unable to work, Martins returned to her home country of Portugal for five months to recover.

In 2014, she returned to her job at Disney. Just a month later, however, she again had to leave because nerve damage had affected her ability to work.

Martins filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Disney Cruise Line, alleging that the company failed to provide adequate medical care after she was injured. A Brevard County jury agreed and awarded her $4 million as a result. While the panel of 12 decided that she bore some responsibility in the case, Disney shouldered most of the blame.

The court decided the hospitality worker should receive $1 million for pain and suffering, $1 million in punitive damages, and $2 million for lost wages. The victory for Martins marked the first time Disney Cruise Line ever lost a personal injury lawsuit that involved a ship worker and a jury trial.

How Lawsuit Funding Can Help Personal Injury Sufferers

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