Dram Shop Lawsuits and Liability

What is a dram shop lawsuit?

If you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, drunken attacker, or the negligence of an intoxicated person, dram shop laws enable you to sue and hold responsible those who caused the damage you suffered. Dram shop laws impose liability on businesses or people who serve or sell alcohol to someone who is clearly intoxicated or nearly intoxicated. Restaurants, bars, alcohol retailers or private individuals can all be held responsible, or liable, under dram shop laws. Private individuals who serve alcohol to those who cause injuries to others can be held liable under dram shop lawsuits, as well as what is known as “social host” lawsuits.

To succeed in a dram shop lawsuit, the injured person must prove that a business or private person served or sold the drunken party alcohol while he or she was clearly in an intoxicated or near-intoxicated state. Not all states have dram shop laws, but most do.

How do dram shop laws work?

There are two types of dram shop lawsuits: first-party and third-party lawsuits. Most states do not recognize first-party dram shop lawsuits, that is where the injured person was the drunken individual who caused the injury. Third-party cases are far more common. In the few states which allow first-party dram shop lawsuits, the intoxicated person and the third party who sold or provided the alcohol often share the liability as the law considers both responsible.

  1. First-party dram shop lawsuits involve cases where the plaintiffs were served or sold alcohol, which resulted in an injury to the plaintiff. Despite the general prohibition against first-party dram shop lawsuits, dram shop laws hold a bar, restaurant or individual who provides a minor with alcohol responsible for injuries which occur as a result of the minor’s intoxication.
  2. Third-party dram shop lawsuits involve cases in which a plaintiff was injured due to another person’s alcohol consumption and actions. In third-party dram shop lawsuits, the plaintiff must prove that the bar, restaurant or server/seller was negligent. Negligence in this context occurs when a server or seller knew or should have reasonably known that the injuring party was inebriated or close to being drunk.

Evidence in dram shop lawsuits usually consists of demonstrating one or more of the following:

  • Proof of age was not requested of a minor
  • The person served appeared intoxicated
  • Alcohol was served after closing time
  • The person served was likely to become intoxicated based on what had previously been consumed

Under what is known as “safe harbor provisions,” some dram shop laws protect servers and sellers if the establishment can demonstrate that servers attend an approved education course, encourage customers encouraged not to become intoxicated, promote nonalcoholic beverages, or encourage customers to take a taxi or rideshare service if they’ve had too much to drink. However, bars and restaurants have a very low success rate in asserting this defense.

What if I can’t pay my living expenses while injured?

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