Fact vs. Fiction: Slip & Fall Lawsuits

Slips and falls can have serious– and costly– consequences. Those who have suffered fall-related injuries often don’t know that they may have legal recourse. Here, we’ll dispel some of the myths about slip and fall accidents. If you decide to take legal action due to a personal injury, you may be eligible for slip and fall lawsuit funding.

Myth: Slip and Fall Accidents Only Happen to the Elderly

Fact: While older people are more likely to fall– and sustain more serious injuries– than younger people, falls are the leading cause of injuries among virtually all age groups. Falls don’t just happen in nursing homes; they can occur anywhere, including on the job. It only takes a second for someone’s life to change forever, regardless of their age.

Myth: You Can File Suit Whenever You Want

Fact: If you want to take legal action after a fall-related injury, it’s important to do so as soon as possible. In most states, there is a statute of limitations– usually at least two years– to file suit, but it can be far less time and as little as 90 days or less if the negligent party is a government or municipal entity. The more serious the injuries suffered from a slip and fall accident, the sooner you should file suit against the property owner.

Myth: You Only Have a Case If You Need Emergency Care

Fact: You may still have a legitimate case, even if your fall didn’t land you in the emergency room. Falls frequently result in back and joint problems that don’t necessarily require hospitalization. If you’ve experienced considerable disruption to your daily life because of a fall, you may be able to seek damages if the accident was caused by another’s negligence.

Myth: Damages Only Cover Medical Bills

Fact: Slip and fall accidents may not only lead to soaring medical bills but also lost wages and other setbacks. You may be able to seek compensation for those other losses as well.

Myth: You Have No Financial Recourse Unless You Can Get a Quick Settlement

Fact: Plaintiffs injured because of others’ negligence may be eligible for slip and fall lawsuit funding, which is more generally referred to as pre-settlement funding or pre-settlement loans. Unlike conventional loans, however, you only have to pay the money back if you win your case or receive a settlement. LawCash offers pre settlement loans for slip and fall accidents (and other types of personal injuries) to cover medical bills and living expenses while your case goes through the courts. Without pre-settlement funding, you might settle for less than you deserve. Contact us to learn about how we can help, or apply for slip and fall lawsuit funding online today.