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Support for the trial bar.


LawCash® can provide these services for your clients.

Rolling Contracts – We’re Looking Out for Your Client Too

LawCash® offers rolling contracts for plaintiff pre-settlement funding. Rolling contracts provide plaintiffs with more flexibility and lower rates than lump sum payments.

For example, with a rolling contract, we can approve an advance of $10,000 and give your client $1,000 a month for up to ten months, rather than in a lump sum of $10,000.

With rolling contracts, fewer fees accrue, as the amount funded is lower.

If your client receives the settlement six months from the date of the first advance, your client can stop the advances and repay the advance and fees on six months’ worth of advances rather than on $10,000. With a rolling contact, just six months of fees will have accrued, against a lower advance.

Plaintiffs, and their attorneys, like rolling contracts because they enforce financial discipline and cost less.

Surgery Funding and Medical Expense Funding Program

  • Your clients get the medical attention they need
  • Adds substantial value to case
  • Quick and easy process
  • Experienced personal injury attorney underwriters review case
  • Low rates

View our application for surgery funding!

Plaintiff Settled Case Funding

  • Settled Case Funding
  • For plaintiffs from LawCash®
  • Receive up to 50% of your settlement
  • Don’t Wait!

Get Paid The Day Your Case Settles

You will never have to wait again for insurance companies or defendants to pay their settlements or judgments. With our Settled Case Funding, you will have immediate access to up to 50% of your recovery in the case.

LawCash® will provide funding whenever you reach a settlement.  We offer Settled Case Funding for any settled case, regardless of the type of case.

What We Need to Get Started

  • A copy of the executed general release.
  • Documentation of the client’s recovery in the case.
  • The amount of funding requested.

Upon receipt of all required documents, you will be able to receive your funds within ONE HOUR!

Low Fees. Fast Service. Easy To Use.

Attorney Funding

If you are an attorney interested in learning about law firm finance, case cost funding, case disbursement funding, law firm loans, law firm lines of credit, or structured settlement finance, please visit FDIC® chartered Esquire® Bank or contact Esquire Bank.

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