July Testimonials: How Has Pre-Settlement Funding Has Assisted LawCash Clients

LawCash is a pre-settlement funding company that helps clients make it through the financially tough times that can set in while awaiting the outcome of a trial. LawCash offers surgery financing, litigation funding, settled case funding, and pre-settlement funding. These funds help individuals and families weather the storm that a legal battle can instigate. Read our client testimonials to see how our clients have used LawCash’s litigation funding services to cope and recover.

Assisting Families With Pre-Settlement Funding

You guys have done a wonderful job on helping me with everything I’ve asked and wanted to know. You are helping me and our family out with keeping us on our feet in this time of need with our bills and rent. I thank you guys a lot for everything and for helping me out.
I thank you for this funding. It helped me and my family out a lot.
It’s been an incredible help to us, especially when not knowing where our food was coming from.
Your company has been a great help to my name and my family at this hard time for us so I can pay medical bills and my rent.
Thank you guys for helping me keep a roof over me and my children’s head and food in our mouths. Thanks again for servicing me in this time of need!
The service provided has helped me tremendously. I’m a single mom and since my accident, I have not been able to work full-time hours due to pain. The services have helped keep me and my child from eviction and my car not possessed.
You guys helped because I’m in need of the extra cash to buy a couple of essentials for my child, thank you for great service!

Helping With Bills and Housing Thanks to a Law Cash Advance

By you helping me I can catch up on my rent and other bills. So this is truly helping.
I am having financial difficulty on my budgets for monthly payments for the house and bills. I would love to use this helpful money to pay some bills and payment for the house. So my life will be less stressful to live on. Thank you very much.
Saved my family from eviction. Thanks for your help.
You have helped me pay my bills that are overdue and start paying for my wedding.

Cash Funding: Relief During Tough Times

The process was fast and with great customer service.
Thank you for helping me in my time of need.

Car Troubles

Thank you for the extra money at the present time. I had a set back in my car and this helps out. Thank you so much.
My car got towed and I’m trying to get it as soon as possible.
You have helped me by allowing me to fix my truck. Transportation is a must where I live; very rural area.

LawCash is proud to be able to help our clients through the tough times that can set in while awaiting the outcome of their litigation. If these services suit your needs, call 1(800) LAW-CASH or apply for legal funding online to find out if you qualify for funding.