LawCash Fall Plaintiff Funding Testimonials

At LawCash, our mission is to make sure that every plaintiff has a chance to receive justice. When plaintiffs are engaged in drawn-out lawsuits because a defendant is using delay tactics or for any other reason, they often struggle to make ends meet while awaiting the conclusion of litigation. When injured and unable to work, plaintiffs often feel pressure to settle for less than they deserve. We are proud that LawCash litigation funding gives our clients the resources they need to await justice and recover. Below are just a few of our client testimonials from October & November 2018 that demonstrate the importance of plaintiff funding to their recovery.

Professional, Caring, and Fast

LawCash has been very helpful in my time of need.  The representative was very friendly and professional and caring.  I would refer anyone to do business with your office for help in the future.
I appreciate LawCash for being fast and effective in my time of need.  They were very helpful to me & my family to help us continue to function as a unit and to keep our household afloat.
I appreciate your immediate response in assisting me. By advancing me the necessary funds I was able to pay my monthly living expenses, which I previously could not due to my inability to work as a result of this accident.  Your Company has provided me a little peace of mind during this difficult time period & it is very much appreciated.
There isn’t anything I can think of to say.  No improvement is needed. I am extremely satisfied with your service.  Professionally I have to say I am a happy consumer.

Pre-Settlement Funding Helps Plaintiffs Pay Bills and Continue with Their Lawsuits

I couldn’t have gone forward with my lawsuit without the help of LawCash.  LawCash has helped me pay costs that I couldn’t pay myself.

I am having financial hardships to pay my mortgage, my car payment, and also my utility bills.  I will use the money from LawCash to pay off 3 months of my mortgage and 2 months for my utilities.

Thanks for your support and be blessed.

The advance by LawCash helped make my son’s birthday and the upcoming holidays much much better for him.

LawCash is proud to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives with pre-settlement funding. If you are involved in a lawsuit and are struggling to make ends meet and pay bills, Call 1(800) LAW-CASH or apply online for plaintiff funding.