LawCash Litigation Funding Case Studies

Helping our clients recover after injury.

LawCash litigation funding exists to help our clients recover. These case studies demonstrate how some of our clients have utilized our litigation funding to hold out for fair settlements. After an injury, it is common for the injured party to be unable to work during their recovery and to have other factors constraining their income and inhibiting an injury plaintiffs’ ability to pay bills. LawCash litigation financing attends to the fundamental needs of the injured and helps our clients pay their regular bills and living expenses so they can remain solvent during their lawsuit.



  • Finding a Path Forward after an Accident


Debra A., a teacher’s aide, was seriously injured in a bus accident during a school field trip. She was unable to work after the accident due to her injuries and was without the means to pay her medical bills or keep up with her mortgage and regular living expenses.


With the help of her lawyer, Debra sued the bus operator whose insurance company had been fighting her for years. When offered a lowball settlement, Debra felt forced to accept it until she discovered pre-settlement funding from LawCash. The pre-settlement cash advance allowed her to fight the insurance company until they finally gave her the settlement she deserved.

  1. How Accident Victims Can Find Justice

Jose V. had to have 3 fingers removed after a debilitating injury at work. The bills started piling up, while Jose was still recovering his physical strength. He felt trapped. Jose, who had lost his source of income due to the injury, battled the insurance company for 5 years in court to avoid accepting a settlement for less than he deserved. Jose was able to pay his bills and maintain his quality of life during the five years he was in court with the help of his family and pre-settlement funding from LawCash.


  1. After an Accident

The physical injuries after a car accident can be devastating, but the mental anguish often matches or even surpasses physical injury. When struck head-on by a car that ran a stop sign, Mary M., a single mother of four, sustained back and shoulder injuries but hastened her return to work to support herself and her family. Once back at work, it became clear that Mary’s injuries would require multiple surgeries and physical therapy and keep her from working during her recovery. For a woman who had relied on herself for support and independence, this was a massive blow. With nobody to turn to, Mary asked her lawyer for advice and he suggested turning to LawCash, the nation’s premier pre-settlement funding company. With the help of LawCash’s pre-settlement funding services, Mary was able to remain independent and keep up with her bills.

Is Litigation Funding Right for You?

Litigation funding may be able to help you wait for a fair conclusion, rather than settling for less than you deserve as a plaintiff in a lawsuit. If you are injured involved in a lawsuit, litigation funding might be an option for you. If you are interested in the litigation funding services at LawCash, call at 1(800) LAW-CASH, or apply online today.