LawCash Litigation Funding Client Testimonials – June 2018

When life throws more at you than you can handle, LawCash pre-settlement funding is here for support.  Though you may be injured, you still have to pay the bills. LawCash litigation funding can enable you to pay your expenses while you recover.  LawCash litigation funding can help in your time of need. We have assisted thousands over nearly two decades; read below to see testimonials submitted in June by relieved clients.

Litigation Funding Helps With Expenses During Your Time of Need

I am very satisfied with the great service. It was quick and the communication was excellent.  Chad was awesome. I am super pleased; now I can get things done with the funding.
This will be the first advance I will be receiving from your firm but it will be a great help. I greatly appreciate it and I thank you in advance for all of your assistance.
You have done everything to help me at my time in need with everything that’s going on in my life right now, you don’t even know.
This funding has allowed me to relocate and cover moving expenses and set my family up in the new apartment.

Litigation Financing Services Can Be a Blessing

I would like to start off by first saying thank you and I am very grateful that my attorney referred me in this direction. I have been through some unfortunate situations lately and the money from my case would be a huge help. My case has been taking an unusual amount of time at no fault of my attorney, but I am tired of waiting and need my money. LawCash has been a major blessing with the funds that I will be obtaining and as far as I can see there is nothing that can be improved of the service. Thank you!
I’ve been able to keep my mind off of a lot of my pain and suffering. Since I’ve been with LawCash they have been very helpful and understanding. I would recommend LawCash to everyone.
We needed to cover rent payments for the time that we were not working, so that our Daughter has a proper home to return to upon her release from the hospital.
I’m moving back home to Texas following my accident and I needed to get my kids ready for school ASAP. LawCash helped me expedite that process.
Thank you very much this has helped me so much. Every time I need to make my life a little easier you have always been there to help and for that I thank you very much.

Litigation Financing Can Help You Face the Unexpected

LawCash has been valuable to me since my accident. I have not been able to find summer employment due to my limited mobility. I need funds to pay my bills until I return to work at school. I didn’t get paid till I’d worked the month of August. LawCash helped me survive through this life crisis and I’m grateful. I have been in need this year for a home to rent and all that goes along with deposits etc.  LawCash has made a way for me to get into a new place as I am on a limited time to get into another home. Thanks for helping me survive the hardships I’m going through.
To pay for a hotel and to pay for a down payment for a rental apartment and to pay for my bills.
Y’all helped us pay bills that we would have otherwise not been able to pay.
Thank you for your assistance so far; your perspective is exceptional. I thank you for being honest with me and working to get this situation resolved.

These are just a small handful of real people whose lives have improved because of LawCash pre-settlement funding. If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-529-2274, email us at or apply online.