LawCash Litigation Funding: January Client Testimonials

LawCash, the premier pre-settlement funding company, is proud to provide litigation funding to our clients. These January, 2018 testimonials demonstrate the positive impact we are so delighted to make through litigation financing. If you or someone you know is in need of legal funding, contact us with any requests or questions.

Legal funding companies can be a valuable resource when you are recovering from an injury.

LawCash has helped to pay for bills and expenses due to unforeseen circumstances as a result of my injuries.
LawCash is very professional and makes things easy. They are always prompt and up to date on any information needed. Great Service!
LawCash has helped me numerous times. This is money for life-changing surgery. I’m so appreciative.

Litigation funding can help you make ends meet while you are out of work after an injury.

I have been out of work for three months total. LawCash advance is assisting me with rent and other bills until I return to work.
These funds are going to help me with my finances during the time that I am unable to work. It is very much appreciated.
I am very thankful for the advance in my time of need. Without the ability to work, I still have lives to provide for including myself. Things like food, insurance, simple needs are every day and I’m thankful.
Pay bills; thanks for help.

Litigation financing helps you deal with unforeseen expenses and emergencies.

Thank you for letting me use you in my time of need.
Helped me out with some of my bills.
You’ll have been there for me when I was in a bind. Angela has been very professional and courteous. At this time I don’t see anything that needs to be improved upon.
My grandmother suddenly passed away.

Litigation funding helps families live.

This has helped me by allowing me to maintain my household.
Helping me stay afloat.
I need the funds for car insurance.
You have helped me keep my apartment, and my cat. I thank you for that.