LawCash Plaintiff Funding Testimonials

LawCash is a litigation funding company based out of Brooklyn, NY with national reach. As the premier pre-settlement funding company in the United States, LawCash has been able to help many of our clients level the playing field with pre-settlement funding and our other services. Read our client testimonials and find out how our clients have used legal funding to weather the storm when money is tight and await a fair outcome to their case.

Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help You Recover From an Accident or Injury

My accident occurred on April 2, 2016. Since the injury, I have not been able to work or get a job due to knee pain. I was behind on payments and could not make ends meet. LawCash has come through for me and my family during these difficult times.
You have helped me gain some funds that I will use to help myself treat my injuries. Expenses can add up.
LawCash’s assistance has enabled my family to maintain survival. After being involved in an accident that was unavailable and 100% the other driver’s fault, missed days of work, pain from injuries sustained, and the stress, things seem to be pretty bad. This advance has enabled me to pay bills and stay afloat, thus alleviating some of the stress.
Your company has made it possible to pay bills when there are no other means. Due to my husband becoming disabled since 10/12/15 and can no longer provide for his family.
To whom it may concern, I needed the cash because of hardship. I currently can’t work because of the damage on my body due to the accident. I need to get caught up on my current house bills.

Use a Litigation Funding Company as a Resource when Financial Pressures Overwhelm

Mortgage payments and bills due.
LawCash helped me and my family by helping us out we were able to pay our rent and keep from losing our house.
I was blind-sided by a financial hardship that only gave me two weeks to come up with the money. Your services here allowed me to address this issue in a timely manner.
To help when I don’t have work to do.
LawCash has really helped me out. I haven’t been able to work fulltime since March 2018 and got so far behind on my bills. LawCash has helped me and my kids not to starve during this time. Thank you so much.

Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help When You Need It

I’m Grateful for LawCash’s help in my time of need.
This is my 3rd advance and I thank you for this. I appreciate the help. Thanks again.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Thank you for helping me out with my knee surgery. It’s much needed. I am in a lot of pain and my pain medicines are not working anymore.
LawCash staff is always kind and very helpful.
LawCash has been a great help to me and I greatly appreciate it.

LawCash is proud to be able to support our clients while they recover with litigation funding. If you are involved in a lawsuit and are struggling to make ends meet and pay bills, call 1(800) LAW-CASH or apply online for legal funding.