Lawsuit Funding Companies: Different Types of Pre-Settlement Funding

What is Lawsuit Funding?

Lawsuit funding is a term that has become increasingly familiar to many in the United States over the past two decades, but is still commonly misunderstood and remains a mystery to the average American. Consumer litigation funding (a type of lawsuit funding) is a process in which a lawsuit funding company, like LawCash, invests in the outcome of a plaintiff’s case to ensure that he or she is able to wait for the case to conclude without financial pressures forcing him to agree on a diminished award or forego one entirely. Since consumer litigation funding is an investment rather than a loan, if a plaintiff does not win or settle his case, he doesn’t reimburse the lawsuit funding company that provided him with the legal funding advance.

LawCash does not provide legal guidance. Plaintiffs who have received a funding advance from LawCash can use it for whatever daily expenses or living bills necessary and LawCash will not interfere in the case. Our clients have used LawCash advance funding successfully to maintain their lives and their health while a lawsuit is ongoing as demonstrated by our many plaintiff testimonials.

When Can I Use Legal Funding?

If you have retained a lawyer after suffering damages, you can use legal funding. Whether you have a personal injury claim, need surgery that is not covered by insurance, are part of a class action lawsuit, and in a variety of other cases, you are eligible to apply for pre-settlement funding. Our clients often use LawCash plaintiff funding during the following types of cases:

  1. Personal Injury
  2. Premises Liability
  3. Medical Malpractice
  4. Class Action Lawsuits

Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

Many of our clients come to us for pre-settlement funding when they have been a victim of a personal injury. From car accident lawsuit funding to labor lawsuit funding, abuse cases, and even NFL concussion cases, LawCash personal injury lawsuit funding is an anchor for our clients in financial storms and during times of hardship.

With my accident, this funding is making it able to get meds for my knee, pay a few bills and help with holidays. I truly appreciate all your help.

If you ever are unfortunate enough to be injured and unable to maintain your expenses while a lawsuit is pending, see if personal injury lawsuit funding from LawCash can help. We have helped countless clients like Troy. Find out if we can help you too.

Use our Personal Injury Settlement Calculator to get an estimate of your potential settlement award.

Premises Liability Lawsuit Funding

Premises liability lawsuits are commonly referred to as slip and fall lawsuits. When you are injured on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions, you may be entitled to premises liability awards. While you wait for insurance companies to work out the details of the case, it may be a struggle to keep up like it was for our past client Jennifer:

I needed this money very badly and it is helping me get by until we settle.

Slip and fall lawsuits often take a long time to conclude and when an injury prevents you from working, bills pile up. Our clients use premises liability funding to make ends meet while awaiting a fair outcome to their lawsuits. If you are like Jennifer and need financial help during a slip and fall lawsuit, reach out to LawCash and learn what funding options are available to you.

Surgery Financing

Not all surgery is covered by insurance, and often treatments that turn out to be necessary to regain your full capacity are considered elective rather than necessary medical procedures by insurance companies to save on their bottom line. If you are like 44 million other Americans and do not have health insurance, the challenges to recovery become even harder to overcome. LawCash provides surgery funding to make sure that you are able to focus on a full recovery rather than worrying about how you are going to pay for potential treatment. Get the peace of mind you need to recover:

Your company is a blessing. I’ve been out of work since my accident and thanks to the advance I will be able to go back to work. Additionally, I will be able to walk pain-free.
They helped me financially with a surgery I needed and couldn’t afford otherwise. . . . They were extremely helpful and easy enough to reach.

Clients like Darren & Israel were able to take the stress out of their recovery and heal themselves by using surgery financing to get the procedures they needed. Apply now to find out if surgery funding is right for you or call 1(800) LAW-CASH for more information.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Funding

Medical malpractice lawsuits can be devastating for plaintiffs. After relying on medical professionals for your recovery, you have been mistreated by the very people to whom you entrusted your health. This daunting prospect leaves many helpless and feeling as though there is nowhere to turn. LawCash Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Funding allows plaintiffs to manage their financial hardships without stress while waiting on the outcome of a lawsuit.

LawCash helped me to pay my bills. I’m also able to get the medicine I need for my back and neck pain. I’m also able to get fuel to continue to make it to any doctor’s appointments. Your services are great, nothing needs to be improved at this time.

Danielle knew that she needed to focus on her recovery to be successful and was unable to do so without a means to pay her bills. She was able to take her recovery into her own hands through the agency of LawCash pre-settlement funding. Apply online to learn more about medical malpractice lawsuit funding options.

Class Action Lawsuit Funding

Class action lawsuits are common in the United States and occur when an entity has treated a group of people badly or unsafely. When we think of class actions, we generally lump the plaintiffs together and forget about the hardships individual litigants might face. Some of these plaintiffs are able to wait for the lawsuit to conclude using savings or their income to supplement their bills, but others without the savings, or who are unable to work may struggle to make ends meet while awaiting the outcome of a lawsuit.

I got behind on a few bills. This will help give me a chance to get caught up and wait for a settlement.

For plaintiffs without the savings or income to wait out a lawsuit, LawCash provides pre-settlement funding known as class action lawsuit funding. This form of litigation funding allows our clients, like Dustin, to maintain their quality of life while waiting for their deserved lawsuit award.

There Are More Types of Pre-Settlement Funding Than You Think

The above services are just a small portion of the lawsuit funding options available at LawCash. Learn more about the case types we fund and find a full list of pre-settlement funding options available at LawCash. We have helped thousands of clients with pre-settlement funding and settled case funding. If you have suffered damages and are involved in a lawsuit, contact us today to discover your funding options.