Legal Funding for Those in Need – LawCash Grateful Client Testimonials

LawCash is proud to provide legal funding to those in need. These testimonials from December 2017 show the positive impact litigation financing has on our clients’ lives.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in need of legal funding.

Legal funding companies can help you survive while waiting for your lawsuit to settle.

LawCash had helped me so much and were very prompt in the process. I recently lost my job and have been waiting over a year for my case to settle has been a difficult time for me and my family since my accident. Especially now during the holidays. This was great news to know there is a company like LawCash who truly cares and is so quick to help.
To help catch up debts I have incurred during this lawsuit.
This money will help me with Christmas and if I have to pay any fees to the doctors, gas, etc. Your services are way helpful for people like me that have a lawsuit.
It is helpful to know that there is a company like this one that helps people like in my situation.


LawCash legal funding provides valuable aid during recovery from an accident.

Your company has filled my need for income during a time when I am recovering from a cervical spine fusion. Thank you for your speed and efficiency in the matter.
Because of this advance, I was able to get health insurance.
This has completely helped me catch up on my bills due to being out of work due to complications after the accident. Everything you guys have done is great.
To whom it may concern, LawCash had helped me tremendously during these trying times that I have fell on hardships.
You helped me by lending me the funds that I needed to pay a legal responsibility. Because I could not work in the last 3 months because of the accident and I am an independent contractor these funds were desperately needed. I thank you.
Thank you for approving this advance for me. It is greatly appreciated, helped my children and I. It will be able to get a reliable vehicle and move up to Washington where my family resides. This is such a huge deal to us because we have been without a home for almost 4 months, staying in hotels and at friend’s places.

With legal funding can get you immediate funds in an emergency.

Out of work. Bills to pay.
The advance has helped my family get back on their feet financially as well as be a good start to financial prosperity in the future. Thank you once again. We appreciate the fast and easy process.
This will help me pay bills and monthly expenses.
Currently unemployed and need the money to pay my house note.
Helped assist me with funding to pay a few bills.
To be able to eat!