Litigation Financing Holiday Testimonials

The holidays can be a stressful time when your finances are strapped. When you have been unable to work due to an injury or other unforeseen circumstances, how can you still make sure the holidays are a special time for your family? Our clients made the decision to turn to LawCash for litigation financing help to pay their bills and holiday expenses. Helping clients recover with litigation financing is always gratifying, and is even more so during the holiday season. Find out how our clients have used LawCash litigation financing services this holiday season:

Litigation Financing Used to Take Care of Your Family and Buy Christmas Presents

During the holiday season, your help is appreciated due to a faulty and lengthy therapy process when it comes to a lawsuit of right and wrong. Thank you.
Thankful to finish my Christmas shopping.
I need the money to pay my rent and bills and to be able to buy some groceries for my kids. Thank you for the help. I do appreciate it.

Litigation Finance Used for Financial Rescue

LawCash comes to the rescue again. No improvements needed to this company.
LawCash has been a great help to me and I must say thanks for assisting.
I needed the money for personal reasons. Thank you.
I find that LawCash was very exceptional as well as much needed in a timely fashion . . . thank you very much.
This money will help to repair my car. I need transportation.
Well unfortunate for me the transmission went out on my car. Good for me I found out about you all from a friend. I’m very appreciative of the fast response and received from your firm. Thank you all. Happy Holidays!

Litigation Financing Used to Cure Homelessness and Pay Bills During the Holiday Season

If it wasn’t for LawCash I would be homeless. At this point, I lost my truck and everything. Very thankful for LawCash.
I have to pay a bill.
I need the money to pay my bills.
Helping me pay my bills and not fall behind on them.
You were able to help me with my finances so my bills won’t get cut off.
I am a little behind on bills and you guys helped me out.
I needed the help with my expenses and bills.
I need it to pay bills and expenses.

Litigation Financing Used to Pay for Medicine and Medical Treatment

I appreciate all your help and fast response. I was able to pay some bills and get much-needed medicine.
In this process of accepting the reality that a procedure has to be done, that can and will place strain on myself and family emotionally, mentally, and financially. Because of your efforts, I will be able to focus on my recovery rather than stressing about my finances and livelihood, resulting in my rushing the process. Thank you so much for the assistance. It means the most to me.
With my accident, this funding is making it able to get meds for my knee, pay a few bills and help with holidays. I truly appreciate all your help.

Our clients have used litigation financing services to take care of a variety of needs this holiday season. When you find yourself involved in a personal injury lawsuit and unable to pay bills, if you feel like you have nowhere to turn, find out if you qualify for LawCash pre-settlement funding. Call us at 1(800) LAW-CASH or apply online for legal funding.