Litigation Financing When You Need It – LawCash Grateful Client Testimonials

LawCash Litigation Financing:

Litigation financing is an option LawCash is proud to offer to people who are in need. These testimonials reveal how our pre-settlement funding can make a real difference for real people. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about whether litigation financing can help you.


LawCash Litigation Financing Testimonials: Fall 2017


LawCash Litigation Financing Helps with Disaster Relief

Thanks for helping in my time of need.  This will help me help my family in Puerto Rico.


Helping after Hurricane Irma. Need to get things back together.



LawCash Litigation Financing Helps Plaintiffs While They Are Waiting for a Settlement

LawCash assisted me with some unexpected expenses while I wait for settlement of my case, for which I am very grateful.


This money is going towards fees associated with my divorce. Lifesaver!



Litigation Financing Helps Plaintiffs After Car Trouble

LawCash came through for me in my time of need. My car broke down and they were able to help me get back on the road.

– Sean


LawCash Helps with Daily and Medical Expenses through Surgery Funding and Litigation Financing

As a result of my 9/15/17 accident, I have been unable to work or perform any of my daily activities.  This money will help with my bills and medical expenses.



I am in need of this money because I have an appointment with my heart doctor and I don’ t have the money. Thank you.



Litigation Financing Helps Plaintiffs Pay Expenses in Emergencies When They Are Most in Need

With your help we will be able to stay afloat in our time of need.



Need money for rent and emergency expenses.



LawCash was instrumental in getting me money at my time of need.  Therefore, these funds will help me pay a lot of household bills and have additional funds for taxi rides to and from my doctor appointments.  LawCash was very professional in handling my loan request, and I am forever grateful.



Thank you for assisting me during my time of need. I really appreciate the assistance.



Litigation Financing Helps Plaintiffs Pay Bills and Expenses When they Can’t Make Ends Meet

You have really helped me a lot by giving me this advance because I need it to rent another place. This will help me so very much.  Thank you.



I had a few bills to pay that came in and LawCash helped.



I’m able to pay my rent, gas, etc. and get caught up on my bills.



LawCash has helped me to be able to pay my bills so I won’t have anything shut off in my residence.  I had no way to pay for everyday expenses or put groceries in the home.  It’s helping me continue to pay my household expenses so I can live comfortably.



Dear LawCash,

I personally would like to thank you for all of your help by paying all of my bills and taking care of my personal expenses.