Litigation Funding News: $48 Million Received in Recent Truck Accident Lawsuit Settlements

Truck accidents have become increasingly common.  Unfortunately, due to the size and weight of the vehicles involved, truck accidents can be devastating and, all too often, fatal. Even when they survive, truck accident victims often suffer from chronic pain, disability, and mountains of bills, not to mention reduced quality of life and a changed existence. As a result, a spate of recent settlements have awarded truck accident lawsuit plaintiffs with almost $50 million dollars.

In Cook County Illinois, twenty-four year old Caelen Peshek recently secured a reportedly- record settlement for a pedestrian, after she was struck by a truck and dragged 60 feet. Peshek’s skin was torn off in places and she suffered multiple pelvic injuries, which left her permanently disabled. She reached a $35 million settlement with Hub Group Trucking of Oak Brook, the trucking company who employed the driver responsible for the accident and injuries. Peshek was represented by the Clifford Law Offices.

In Connecticut, another recent multi-million dollar settlement was reached after a truck rollover  in Waterbury, Connecticut left a passenger in the truck paralyzed from the neck down. The driver had fallen asleep and lost control of the truck, causing injuries to front-cab passenger Schley Hunter, who was also an employee of New Milford Laundry. After months of discovery and negotiations, New Milford Laundry settled Hunter’s workers compensation  claim for $5.49 million. Hunter was represented in by the law firm of Adelman, Hirsch & Connors.

Finally, a Pennsylvania widow recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit against Canyon Environmental and its driver, for the death of a young U.S. Marines Staff Sergeant. In 2015, the driver of a Canyon Environmental water truck lost control of his truck and rear ended Staff Sergeant Andrew Stevens, a husband and father of two young children who was stopped at an intersection. His car was engulfed in flames. It took more than three years for Stevens’ widow to reach an $8 million settlement for the negligence of the driver. Mrs. Stevens was represented by Munley Law.

Although no settlement erases the trauma and loss associated with a devastating truck accident, victims and their families can at least get the money they need to recover financially and move on with their lives by filing a lawsuit against the party responsible for their injuries. In each of the cases above, the victims, or their family, were able to secure a multi-million-dollar settlement to help them move forward. However, the litigation process can be lengthy, as was the case with these recent settlements.

Defense attorneys use delay tactics to force injured plaintiffs and their families to settle for less than they need or deserve. Litigation funding can help truck accident victims to withstand such delay and secure the recovery they deserve.

Pre-settlement funding or litigation funding gives truck accident victims the ability to pursue justice and keep fighting instead of settlement for a “low-ball” amount. Litigation funding relieves financial pressures by providing truck accident victims and other personal injury plaintiffs with money to cover housing, food and other living expenses while your case is pending. To learn more about pre-settlement funding, please call 1-800-LAW-CASH or apply online.