Litigation Funding News: $650,000 Settlement for Family of Aaron Bailey, Victim of Fatal Shooting by Indianapolis Police

Aaron Bailey was fatally shot by two Indianapolis police officers after he attempted to flee from a traffic stop. Recently, his family reached a settlement with the city of Indianapolis in the amount of $650,000.

The police pulled Aaron Bailey over for a traffic violation on June 29, 2017. Bailey drove away from the scene and ultimately crashed into a tree. Police officers fired at least 11 rounds into the car, hitting him four times in the back and creating fatal wounds. No weapons were found in Bailey’s vehicle but the officers who shot him were cleared of any wrongdoing in an administrative merit board hearing which found that they had followed police procedure.

Bailey’s, family filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Indianapolis, the police department, and the two police officers who shot him. The goal of the lawsuit was not only to seek damages for Bailey’s death, but also to change the way police officers are trained to de-escalate confrontations. The settlement includes an agreement by the city to train Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officers on how to lessen confrontations, to include the public in such sessions, and for the police chief to visit Bailey’s family.

Aaron Bailey’s case is only one instance of many pending lawsuits stemming from police brutality and overreaching. These lawsuits have become increasingly more common in Indianapolis and all across the country, and the issue of police brutality in general has gained more traction in the media in recent years.

Many of these cases have occurred in Indiana, including some which have led to substantial settlements for victims or their family members. For example, after Indiana police officer David Bisard crashed his patrol car in 2010, victims received a payout of more than $4 million from the City of Indianapolis. Also in 2010, the mother of a teenager who was bruised and battered during an arrest received a settlement from the city in the amount of $150,000.

Aaron Bailey’s family was able to reach a settlement in less than a year, for an amount that cannot compensate for his loss or the wrong they believe the police did in killing an unarmed black man for a routine traffic infraction. Cases related to alleged police brutality are often lengthy and complicated, leaving victims and their families struggling to make ends meet while their cases drag on.

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