Litigation Funding News: Mother awarded $10.6 million after losing her arm

A Pennsylvania jury recently awarded $10.6 million to a woman who lost her arm in an auto accident. The considerable sum was handed down as compensatory damages in Brown v. Silvi Concrete Products. Claims for punitive damages were settled before the jury had time to consider them.

Life-Altering Vehicle Accident Leads to Litigation

In July 2015, Shanika Brown and her five-month-old daughter were riding in a minivan driven by Pamela Reed. On Interstate 295 in Gloucester County, New Jersey, a nearly 14-foot-long truck tire lay across their path. When Reed attempted to go around it, she struck a guardrail and her vehicle overturned, partially ejecting her passengers. The impact of the crash severed Brown’s arm and caused her infant daughter to lose a leg. Although Brown’s arm was initially re-attached, it ultimately had to be amputated.

The errant tire had allegedly been obstructing the roadway for nearly half an hour prior to the accident. The truck driver, who was employed by Silvi Concrete Products, was cited for failing to report the incident.

Brown, her daughter, and Reed filed suit against Silvi Concrete Products, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations and McCarthy Tire Service Co. Plaintiffs cited Bridgestone for possible product liability, and contended that the tire service company failed to adequately supervise its employees. Additionally, the Browns sued Reed. Records revealed that the company had a policy of not allowing its drivers to accept responsibility for accidents. The jury found the company’s policy and the driver’s behavior “outrageous.”

After three days of deliberations, the jury concluded that while Reed was somewhat responsible for the crash, the concrete products company was liable for the harm done to the plaintiffs.

Consumer Litigation Funding

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