Litigation Funding News: Ohio State University Facing Class Action for Doctor’s Alleged Sex Abuse

The Ohio State University wrestling program has been grappling with how to handle the more than 100 alums who have accused former team doctor Dr. Richard H. Strauss of sexual misconduct. Dr. Strauss committed suicide in 2005. Allegations of the enabling culture and cover-ups, however, reach further, including accusations against US Congressman Jim Jordan, who was an assistant wrestling coach while Dr. Strauss treated the team.

Five former athletes at Ohio State University have filed two separate class action lawsuits against the institution claiming that the university routinely ignored complaints about sexual misconduct. US Representative Jim Jordan was accused of having deliberately disregarded complaints of sexual assault by the team doctor during his tenure as assistant coach.

Ohio State contracted an independent investigation into the allegations. After investigators interviewed over 200 former students, half concluded that Dr. Strauss was guilty of sexual misconduct.

The recent sexual misconduct claims at Ohio State University and Michigan State University have many similarities, but one major difference: the victims in the Ohio State University scandal have been primarily adult men rather than female teens and children.

These universities are both known for having elite sports programs, which many believe fosters biases. Administrators often try to cover up misbehavior and wrongdoing for fear it will tarnish the reputation of their programs. This is likely to change now that these high-profile abuse cases have received so much national attention.

Sexual misconduct lawsuits take a huge emotional toll on those involved, which the defense often leverages to try and discredit plaintiffs or force them to settle for less than they deserve. Often, victims suffer emotional consequences of sexual misconduct for the rest of their lives. When a defendant’s attorney engages in delay or shaming tactics, victims must relive the crime and their recovery can be severely impacted.

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