Litigation Funding Testimonials: August 2018

At LawCash, we are proud to make a difference in our clients’ lives with our litigation funding services. These August 2018 testimonials relate just a few of the stories where LawCash pre-settlement funding has made a positive impact.  If you or somebody you know has been injured and is in need of pre-settlement funding, contact us with any requests or questions.

Litigation Funding Relieves Stress and Financial Pressure

I am working at a new job, not making as much money and need to not fall too far behind.
Thank you again for helping me in time of need. Much appreciated!
Thank you for helping me during my time of need.
By having your help, I will feel better about myself and then I will not always worry about what people say or think. Thank you for helping me with this and also helping my brother. Everyone has been so helpful to make this happen, especially Karen.
I really needed to get my living expenses taken care of. With this loan, I can take some of the stress off my mind so I can help heal my shoulder.

Litigation Funding Helps Pay Expensive Medical Bills

LawCash helped me to pay my bills. I’m also able to get the medicine I need for my back and neck pain. I’m also able to get fuel to continue to make it to any doctor’s appointments. Your services are great, nothing needs to be improved at this time.
Plaintiff Support Services helped me financially with a surgery I needed and couldn’t afford otherwise. . . . They were extremely helpful and easy enough to reach.
Since I have been injured I have not been able to work, which has put my family and me in a difficult situation. This money is truly God sent. We are in need of housing and this money is and will be used for that and I truly appreciate this.
I have found Karen to be very helpful with everything. She helped answer all my questions about the loan. The paperwork arrived within 2 days to my surprise. Everything has been exceptional. In this time, with overdue bills, rent and medical bills, which are stressful, it is very nice that this has gone so smoothly. Thank you.
Due to my severe accident, I have not been able to work and need the money for living expenses.
I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Reagan County, Texas. The accident has kept me from returning to work. My home and vehicle and utility bills have not been paid since. LawCash will assist me in paying these debts.

Litigation Funding Can Put a Roof Over Your Head

This has helped me to get the funds needed to proceed with my closing for my new home. We were concerned for the funds we had and wanted to be able to have additional funds just in case. Thank you for your prompt attention regarding this matter.
For housing to help my disabled son. Thank you.
I need to pay some house bills.
I was evicted from my apartment due to the owner selling the building. I need the money to get into a new place. Currently, I am living with my daughter but need to be in my own home. Thank you for making this happen.

Litigation Funding Grants Real Life Relief

You’re great, thank you.
Fast and caring – LawCash knows their job and does it right.
You have helped me financially and to independently support my needs and the needs of my family.
Thank you very much for this; going to help my family needs.
I am very satisfied with your services; excellent response time. Thank you.
I need the money to send my daughter to college.
Everything you did was very helpful. I want to thank you very much.

Litigation Funding Starts You On The Way to Recovery

I have not received the funds as of yet but once I do, it will be a burden lifted off of me. The car I had an accident in, which was a brand new car, stopped working. The engine went out, so I appreciate the monetary assistance.
I really appreciate plaintiff funding. It really helped me in my time of greatest need. Bills piling up and I had no support until I reached out for plaintiff support. I would like to thank them so much.
Your company is a blessing. I’ve been out of work since my accident and thanks to the advance I will be able to go back to work. Additionally, I will be able to walk pain-free.
Thank you for helping me. This will help me not only look better but feel better about myself. Now as I lose weight it won’t look like anything there. Thank you and Karen for helping me.

At LawCash, we take pride in knowing that our pre-settlement funding services help our clients overcome the major obstacles in their lives. As a litigation funding pioneer for nearly two decades, our experts understand how to help our clients most effectively. If you are injured, litigation funding could help. Call us at 1(800) LAW-CASH or apply online.