Litigation Funding Testimonials: July 2018

If you have been injured and are finding it hard to pay bills, LawCash litigation funding can help. We  provide pre-settlement funding, post-settlement funding, and many other types of litigation funding to level the playing field for plaintiffs. LawCash litigation funding makes a real difference. The testimonials below demonstrate the ways litigation financing can be used.

Litigation Funding Can Help You Keep A Roof Over Your Head

I needed money to move and you guys provided me with more money than I have had in a few months.
Thank you, LawCash.  You’re helping me get off the streets and into my own place so I can continue to heal my body back into shape.  My life is just beginning with your help 😊, thanks.
The lady that I’ve been living with has to move by September 1. So I need this money to help me move.
You are allowing me to be able to move into a new home, something I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.

Pre-Settlement Funding Gets You Out of “Rock Bottom”

Recently I hit rock bottom: lost my job and house and with this advance I will be able to start back working and to seek shelter.  The service I received from LawCash was phenomenal. I don’t think there is anything that could be improved. Andy called periodically to make sure I was able to get everything handled and I believe that’s great customer service.


I am very proud and blessed to have received these funds when I needed them most, in my time of need. I needed these funds to help with vehicle repairs to be able to get back and forth to college and dialysis. I just started back with a kidney transplant after 7 years but I just stay positive and pray every day will get better and things will be a whole lot easier most definitely. I really appreciate your taking the time to choose my issue and help resolve my problem. I wouldn’t change a thing; hope your company prospers and continues to help those in need.


You’ve helped me because I was about to lose my car. I also needed assistance because I am currently not working. Your company has been a great help and I appreciate that.


I was behind in all of my bills, due to this accident & I am unable to work, so if it wasn’t for the help of LawCash, I would have lost my place, car, and more important valuable items.

Litigation Financing Can Help With Extra Expenses

Since my accident and having my second child as a single Mother, I have needed financial help.  I am very grateful and I appreciate the help from LawCash. Honestly, I don’t know how LawCash works but I really don’t think LawCash needs to improve anything.  I’ve heard great things about your company and I am very thankful for your help. Thank you.


LawCash once again allowed me to continue operating my business which has faced challenges recently that resulted from my accident.


You guys help me in a time of need. My son is graduating in 2019 and I need to help pay for his senior trip and senior dues. Thank you very much!


At LawCash, we are proud that our pre-settlement funding has been able to help our clients meet and navigate through major challenges and hardships in their lives. After nearly two decades of litigation funding experience, our experts know who we can help and how to do so most effectively. If you are injured through no fault of your own and need litigation funding, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1(800) LAW-CASH or apply online.