Litigation Funding Testimonials: September 2018

At LawCash, we are proud that our litigation funding services help level the playing field for plaintiffs. The September Testimonials below tell just a few of our clients’ stories about how litigation funding has helped them live while securing justice.

Litigation Funding “Loan” Helps Pay the Bills

I was in need of an advance to pay my bills. I was told I could obtain a loan. Anthony set it up and I was approved. I am very grateful for the help I received from the firm.
I’m having a lot of discomfort in my mouth and really need dental work done ASAP. I also need to catch up on a few outstanding bills. This money will help me a great deal. Thank you in advance.
Purchase land. I needed the money to move my trailer to a new location.
LawCash is helping by advancing me money to fix my car.
Helped to pay advance rent and other expenses.
LawCash has helped me continue my college education.

Litigation Funding Can Help You Survive a Drawn-Out Lawsuit

Bernie has assisted me in every aspect of the process. He guided me, and also answered every question completely and without hesitation. Very professional, friendly, patient and polite.
The people in Funding were also very helpful and answered all questions.
I greatly appreciate the opportunity to use LawCash. Without LawCash, there is no way we could afford the cost to prepare for trial, hire expert witnesses and so on.
Once again thank you for the ability to use LawCash.
I really appreciate your help in time of my needs. Thank you very much.

Litigation Funding Helps When You Are Out of Work

You have helped me not to continue to be stressed and depressed about my condition as I was diagnosed with a physical disability. I am not able to work and enjoy things like others do. I am thankful for your support so that I can continue to litigate. I’m physically and mentally stressed and depressed not being able to fully enjoy my social life because of my disability and I appreciate your support throughout this process of litigation and I assure you that you at LawCash will be reimbursed in the near future.
I just want to say thank you for doing this for me. It’s been over 6 weeks since I’ve had any kind of income. I am falling so far behind on my bills and it’s really stressful. But again, thank you.
Thank you for assistance with my financial need. I was short on my rent and payments for my son’s school. Employment for me hasn’t been meeting my needs as of late and I didn’t know where else to turn. I appreciate LawCash. Thank you.
I am so grateful and happy with this advance. It helps me with my financial hardship while I’m on sick leave. I can’t explain how I feel and how happy this will make me and my family. I don’t think there is anything else that you guys need to improve your service. Thank you so much for your help.

LawCash has provided funding advances to thousands of clients over almost two decades. As an industry leader and one of the founding members of ALFA (American Legal Finance Association), we have helped set industry standards and best practices. After an accident, recovery should be your top priority. Litigation funding allows plaintiffs to focus on what is important. Find out more about LawCash pre-settlement funding services.  Call us at 1(800)LAW-CASH or apply online.