Litigation Funding Testimonials: Summer 2018

LawCash provides litigation funding to level the playing field for plaintiffs. Defendants’ delay tactics, often force plaintiffs to settle for less than they deserve. When our clients find themselves in desperate situations, we are proud to help them survive with LawCash legal funding. Find out from these testimonials how we are able to make a difference in our clients’ lives.

Litigation Funding Helps The Injured Cope with Financial Distress

My bank account was closed due to an unforeseen circumstance. I called my lawyer’s office and they gave me the information on LawCash. LawCash was very helpful from start to finish. They made sure I had my funds available as soon as possible. I would definitely recommend the services to friends and family
Your Company has helped my family get a vehicle so we could move and have transportation. We have been without a car for some time now. I have three children and it’s hard to do laundry, go shopping and get to doctor’s appointments.
I got behind on a few bills. This will give me a chance to get caught up and wait for the settlement.

Litigation Funding Helps Those Who Need it Most

LawCash has helped me in my time of need by helping me pay my property taxes. I was in danger of losing my home so I am very grateful.
I needed this money very badly and it is helping me get by until we settle.
I’ve been through a lot these past few months and I finally can say that now I’m crying tears of joy. Thank you so much!
I had neck surgery on 6/25/18 and will be out of work for 2 -3 months so this money will help with bills and living expenses.

We, at LawCash, are delighted to have been a source of relief during our clients’ hardships. We believe every plaintiff deserves a chance to focus on recovery and justice. Litigation funding allows our clients to make their own recovery a top priority, rather than having to focus on staying afloat when injured. Find out more about LawCash pre-settlement funding services by calling us at 1(800)LAW-CASH or apply online.