Litigation Financing Testimonials – March 2018

LawCash’s litigation funding services help level the playing field for plaintiffs. LawCash is here to provide legal funding support when you have suffered injury and waiting for your lawsuit to play out becomes overwhelming. Below are recent testimonials from LawCash clients who turned to us in their time of need.

Litigation Financing Services Can Help During Dark Times

Thank you very much LawCash and my law firm. These funds are helping tremendously. My husband was hospitalized for three months and I used the funds to continue my education, and help with my mother’s burial expenses. Thanks again.
In my time of need, to avoid eviction, keep the lights on and get a way around, in what I needed, I don’t know how else this would have worked out. Eliminated all the stress.
Thank you very much. Mr. Fisher was very helpful and took out time to help me and to make sure that I was satisfied. Thanks and God bless. Also he came through at the time when I need you all. Thank you again Mr. Fisher and God bless you and keep doing what you’re doing.
LawCash has helped me in a major way. Due to the accident I lost my car and with this loan I can put it towards a new car or rental. Either way I am very grateful for it. Thank you.

Litigation Financing Can Help You Tackle Expenses

We will be using the $5,000.00 to pay rent for a month and pay some bills.
Needed cash for moving; was accepted by LawCash. Very grateful!
Replaced some things around my home plus a nurse’s aide.