Medical Malpractice News: Sharrif Floyd, Former NFL Player, Sues for $180 Million after a Botched Operation Ended His Career

Sharrif Floyd, the former NFL player, has sued a noted sports surgeon for $180 million, claiming medical malpractice following an arthroscopic knee surgery he claims ended his professional football career.

Floyd, who played defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings, filed the medical malpractice lawsuit in November 2018 against Dr. James Andrews. The suit alleges that Floyd was told to expect a simple surgery that would sideline him for just three to four weeks.

However, once doctors at the Andrews Institute began the procedure, they decided Floyd needed microfracture surgery. They drilled into his bone, which resulted in bleeding and required a post-operative pain blocker.

Nerve and Tissue Damage Post Operation

Floyd, a first-round draft pick in 2013, claims the pain block was administered incorrectly, leading to paralysis of a nerve and surrounding tissue, effectively ending his career.

The medical malpractice lawsuit names multiple defendants: Dr. Andrews, the hospital, the anesthesiologist, two medical fellows who assisted on the surgery, and the associated corporate entities. Discovery could take six to twelve months and the case is not expected to go to trial until late 2019.

Floyd claims that the surgery was far more invasive and damaging than he had agreed to. Floyd bases his request for $180 million in damages based on the career-projected earnings for the top players at his position.

Floyd has also filed a grievance with the NFL Players Association, claiming the Vikings should have paid his full $6.76 million salary for the season. Minnesota placed him on the non-football injury list and paid him $2 million instead. The Minnesota franchise is not a party in the lawsuit.

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