1. Class Action Lawsuit Funding.

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Class Action Lawsuit Funding

Class action lawsuits, also known as mass torts, involve a sizable number of plaintiffs who have been injured by a single product or company. These sorts of lawsuits can often take years to either settle or come to an end. In a delayed settlement, plaintiffs often have that injury compounded by the time it takes for the case to be resolved. In instances like these, pre-settlement funding companies, like LawCash, will offer litigation funding so you can take care of your expenses and bills while waiting for the class action to conclude.

Some of the most common class action lawsuits stem from product claims.  When a company injures a group of people with a defective product, it leads to a product liability lawsuit.  During these lawsuits, your injury may prevent you from working or you may simply be unable to keep up with living expenses. For people in need of financial help, LawCash is there to help you pay for daily expenses with legal financing  when you need it.

Pre-settlement funding is done without a credit check and differs from a loan in a key way. Unlike a loan, you only need to pay back pre settlement funding if you win your case. Furthermore, you can qualify for funding without a credit check and regardless of your financial history. Instead our decision is based solely on whether your situation warrants it. Litigation funding is an option that is there to help you, the plaintiff, meet your expenses until your class action lawsuit is complete.

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LawCash provides Plaintiff Pre-Settlement Funding advances in a wide variety of personal injury lawsuits and other types of cases.

LawCash provides Plaintiff Post-Settlement, Settled Case funding in a variety of case types.

If you have filed, or settled, a personal injury, auto accident, medical malpractice lawsuit or other type of lawsuit, LawCash can help with lawsuit funding. Apply for litigation financing today.

Plaintiff funding assists plaintiffs in paying their bills, and give attorneys time to build stronger cases.  Plaintiff lawsuit funding can level the playing field for you.

If you have filed a lawsuit and would benefit from plaintiff funding, apply for plaintiff lawsuit funding today, fill out our short form now , or call us at 1-800-529-2274 and we can take your application over the phone.

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