1. Labor Lawsuit Funding.

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Labor Lawsuit Funding

Labor lawsuits are for individuals who have been hurt in some way by their employer whether through injury or unpaid wages. When mistreated by an employer, you are often put in a difficult situation of deciding to rectify the wrong, or ignore it in order to meet your daily living expenses. Pre-settlement funding companies like LawCash use litigation funding to provide you with the financial help you need in order to survive while waiting on the outcome of a labor lawsuit.

Construction workers, for example, often work under dangerous conditions. As a result, unfortunately, they frequently endure work-related injuries. These injuries include falls from scaffolds and other high elevations, being struck by moving or falling machinery, electrocution, health problems related to exposure to dangerous substances such as asbestos, injuries caused by defective or unsafe equipment, and lifting and repetitive-motion injuries.

Employers and insurance companies often deny responsibility and delay resolution of construction site injury claims. LawCash can provide construction site injury lawsuit financing so you can pay your expenses and avoid taking a lower settlement than you deserve.

You owe us nothing if you do not win your case. LawCash injury litigation funding does not require a credit check and can help level the playing field for you!

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We Fund Many Other Types of Lawsuits

LawCash provides Plaintiff Pre-Settlement Funding advances in a wide variety of personal injury lawsuits and other types of cases.

LawCash provides Plaintiff Post-Settlement, Settled Case funding in a variety of case types.

If you have filed, or settled, a personal injury, auto accident, medical malpractice lawsuit or other type of lawsuit, LawCash can help with lawsuit funding. Apply for litigation financing today.

Plaintiff funding assists plaintiffs in paying their bills, and give attorneys time to build stronger cases.  Plaintiff lawsuit funding can level the playing field for you.

If you have filed a lawsuit and would benefit from plaintiff funding, apply for plaintiff lawsuit funding today, fill out our short form now , or call us at 1-800-529-2274 and we can take your application over the phone.

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