1. Plaintiff Forms – Apply for Litigation Financing.


If you are a plaintiff looking for funding, LawCash® can help level the playing field for you. Please choose the appropriate form below. If you are an attorney, please visit our Attorney Forms page. If you have a question, please ask it here.

If you are a lawsuit plaintiff in need of funding, and you are waiting for your case to resolve, you can apply for funding today. The money will go directly to you. You can use the money to pay for anything you need. Many people use the money for basic life expenses.

This application is only for cases which have ALREADY settled. If you and the defendant have already signed the settlement agreement and you are awaiting payment, you can apply for settled case funding. If your case has NOT settled, this is not the right form to use.

Sometimes the initial funding is not enough. IF you are already a LawCash® client and would like to apply for additional funding, you can apply today. If you have received funding from another lawsuit funding company, or you have not yet received lawsuit funding, this is NOT the appropriate form.

This application is for SURGICAL financing only. If you need surgery and do not have money or insurance to pay for the surgery, we can provide surgical finance, which will pay for the surgery, and the anesthesiology bill. The money will be sent directly to your medical providers.

Some law firms require that plaintiffs fill out a HIPAA form giving them permission to release information about your case to LawCash®. There is no need to fill out the form UNLESS we or your firm lets you know that this is a requirement. Simply fill out, sign, and upload.

We will begin working on your request immediately upon receipt. We look forward to helping you recover, and appreciate the opportunity to serve you in your time of need.

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