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Litigation Financing Plaintiff Testimonials

Stories of Plaintiffs Helped By LawCash Advances

Lawsuit funding assists plaintiffs in paying their bills, and give attorneys time to build stronger cases.

LawCash provides the best lawsuit funding, plaintiff litigation funding advance, and surgery financing, and settlement funding, post-settlement funding for plaintiffs and attorneys, and bundled lawsuit advance refinancing.

Read stories about LawCash funding advances and find out how lawsuit funding helped make the difference.

Pre-Settlement Advance For Medical Bills and Rent Allows Bereft Mother to Wait For A Fair Settlement

A Brooklyn, New York mother of four was seriously injured in a car accident when a speeding off-duty ambulance driver slammed into her car. Three of her four children were killed in the accident. Our client and her surviving child suffered major injuries. As a result of the accident, our client was unable to work. Bills began to accumulate.

Our client was about to be evicted from her apartment when the defendant’s insurance company offered her a settlement of $1 million. Her attorney advised her not to accept the settlement offer, even though she needed immediate financial assistance. The attorney recommended that our client apply for funding through LawCash so she could afford to wait for a fair settlement offer, or take her case to a jury. After the underwriting team at LawCash reviewed the lawsuit, we advanced $100,000.

The lawsuit advance allowed our client to keep her apartment, pay her bills, care for her remaining child, and receive critical medical attention. A few months later, she accepted a $3.9 million settlement offer and repaid LawCash $116,000. We helped level the playing field so that our client did not have to accept a low settlement offer.

Pre-Settlement Advance To Keep Lights On and Prevent Mortgage Foreclosure

Jerome Brown, a St. Petersburg, Florida auto mechanic and carpenter, hurt his back in a car accident. He was unable to work as a result of his injuries. Although Mr. Brown filed a lawsuit shortly after the accident, the legal process progressed slowly. He began to have difficulty paying bills.

Mr. Brown remembers, “We were running such a bad streak of luck. We were running behind in the mortgage, the car payments, the lights, the water, the phone. A couple of times our lights were out. They were literally going to take the house.”

Mr. Brown turned to LawCash. We advanced him $15,000. The advance meant that he did not have to choose between accepting a low settlement and paying his bills. The LawCash advance allowed Mr. Brown to prevent foreclosure on his mortgage and gave him the time he needed to get the settlement he deserved.

Daily Living Expenses While Waiting for Payment of Settlement

Abner Louima intervened in a fight between two women, trying to break them apart. When the police arrived on the scene, the police decided Mr. Louima was the perpetrator. Through his lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, he negotiated a large settlement with the New York Police Department. The case became notorious, one of the first to give the public a view of police brutality of an innocent and well-meaning African American man. Mr. Louima’s lawsuit involved, among other horrific offenses, sodomy with a broomstick. Still, despite having reached settlement, Mr. Louima needed money for living expenses while he waited for the NYPD to pay the settlement. The lawsuit dragged on for three years, with no end in sight when he applied for LawCash settled case funding. We advanced $20,000 to help with daily living expenses.

About nine months after the LawCash advance, the NYPD finally paid him the $8.75 million settlement. Mr. Louima repaid the advance. LawCash provided the money he needed while waiting for settlement for heinous wrongs perpetrated against him. Since then, Mr. Louima has demonstrated against police brutality, has marched with Al Sharpton against later instances of police brutality, and dedicated his efforts to protecting the rights of those victimized by the police.

This money will be helping me pay my medical bills and debt. This money will also be helping me get to and from doctor’s appointments and to get my prescriptions. Also will take a lot of stress off me and help me recover!


LawCash helped through lending funds for getting through financial problems and has been a great help. The service I received has always been great, especially when I needed help fast.

You have helped me with this month’s rent and bills, and bedrest and pregnancy after car accident.

My car broke down and I didn’t have the money to fix it due to I needed the money quickly. You were able to provide the funds along with the assistance of my lawyer. Thank you!

LawCash has been a great help to me in my time of need and I can’t think of anything they need to do to improve their services.

I appreciate the service as I am unable to know how long it will take for my lawsuit to be settled. In the meantime, my family has pressing financial needs, in particular helping my daughter and new grandson move home to Kansas while my son-in-law is deployed.

Thank you for considering my situation and extending your help.

To whom this may concern,

There are no complaints here. You guys are literally saving my life and I am very appreciative of it. Thank you so much.

At the time of my accident, your company assured me that I would have some justice for my injuries. I was able to get therapy and great doctors. I am satisfied with the service you provided me.

The services provided by LawCash has been a tremendous help to myself and my three children following my husband’s death.

We have been able to keep our house and pay utilities that otherwise would have been shut off. My family has also been able to concentrate on our educations and learning how to heal during this difficult time.

Thank you for providing us with the funds to keep trying to move forward.

Well, I feel that your company has helped me by providing a fast and friendly service to me, a first time customer, and no means the last time. LawCash has worked extra hard to provide myself and my family with the financial assistance we needed, by letting me borrow exactly what I need, and that your company doesn’t treat people based on their credit score but their case and need.

P.S. Also a big thank you to Charlotte and Dawn for taking their time helping me understand how the loan gets broken down in payment. 🙂

I want to take time out to tell you my greatest appreciation.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Perfect timing. I have three kids starting school on the 18th which is two days from now. I absolutely had ZERO dollars and every bill was due. Thanks to LawCash my wife and children can catch up and buy their educational supplies and clothes for school.

Thanks LawCash, God Bless Y’all

What you’re doing is taking care of us while we recover.


My case is taking a little longer than what I thought. My bills are adding up. Thank you for being there when I needed someone.


When this civil nightmare is over and the settlement is disbursed, I might just hand deliver the check to you in person. Thanks for being there.


This amount will be used for my daughter’s final follow up surgery that is to be done within the next few days. Thank you for helping me to help her.


You have helped me live.


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