1. Settled Case Funding – Post-Settlement Funding.

When payment takes too long.


LawCash® Settled Case Funding for Plaintiffs

  • All information kept confidential
  • No fees or payments up front
  • Lower rates than other settled case funding companies
  • No credit check

Settled Case Funding

Sometimes, even when cases settle, it can take a while to receive payment. LawCash® can help close the gap by providing settlement funding if you have reached a settlement but have not yet received payment. LawCash® provides settled case funding to plaintiffs and attorneys who have executed a settlement agreement but still not received their money.

Now what?

Please obtain the following information from your attorney and fax to (718) 875-0608, or email to onehour@lawcash.com:

  • A letter from your attorney on your attorney’s stationery setting forth the amount due to you;
  • The amount of funding requested;
  • A copy of your attorney’s letter to the insurance company outlining the insurance company’s obligation; and
  • A copy of the executed general release between the plaintiff and the defendant.

That’s it! We will decide whether to fund your case within ONE HOUR AFTER RECEIVING the above information.

To Learn More about settled case funding, CONTACT LawCash® at onehour@lawcash.com, or CALL 1-800-LAW-CASH, extension 457.

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Please note that this is NOT pre-settlement plaintiff lawsuit funding, which goes through a different process.

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