Pre-Settlement and Litigation Funding: August Testimonials

LawCash is the premier pre-settlement funding company in the US. We offer litigation funding to help our clients make it through the tough times that can accompany litigation and injury. Here are some of our client testimonials, to paint a picture of how our clients have used LawCash’s pre-settlement legal funding services and litigation funding to get through the difficult times, keep up with bills, care for injuries, and weather the storm as they await a fair outcome to their case.

Financial Resources for Clients Dealing With Injuries

Thank you for helping me during my time with no money coming due to being hit by a car while on my motorcycle. I have no idea when I will be able to return to work if at all. I will be unable to do anything for a long time. Rods in my left leg both upper and lower leg, many skin grafts are going to be needed.
Currently, I am unable to work because my vehicle was hit from behind at the other parties fault. The other party is not paying their deductible therefore, delaying the repairs to my car. With this advance, I will be able to repair my car and return to making some sort of income.
Money is for my needed surgery which I do not have insurance coverage for.

Keeping Up With Bill Payments

We are behind on bills and you have helped us so much over the last couple years during this lawsuit.
LawCash helped me catch up on my rent. I was looking at a 3 day notice before the landlord files eviction papers in court.
Making it possible to get my bills back on track. Services were great as expected.

Helping Families Maintain Stability

Andy Fisher and the LawCash has been a real blessing and life saver this past year. Thanks ever so much for continuing to help me and my kids.
Since the accident life has completely gone downhill. Things have been so tough. I have found that I get up and fall back down. I have tried so hard for life to be the way it was before the accident and it has not been easy. This money is truly a blessing and is the other time your company has chosen to assist me and my family. This money comes at a time where I have completely lost hope. School is starting again with no money for shoes and clothes let alone a house. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. With God all things are possible! Thanks again!
I just want to say thank you very much. I have been out of work for going on two years plus and my mom just recently had colon cancer and is now in chemo and disability and she took a 40% pay cut on disability. So you are helping my children and me immensely and I am very appreciative.
I am in a tough spot and have not been able to work in 7 months. You have helped me keep my family in our house and keep the lights on.

Getting Our Clients Through Tough Times

LawCash is a professional company with compassion and understanding that have come to my need knowing I have no use of my left arm and hand due to a serious injury. I really thank LawCash for all that they have done for me with their customer service being very compassionate and polite to my questions and taking the time to answer them. Thank you LawCash you are a great help when I need it the most.
Always a great help in time of need.
Thank you for working with me through this long journey. I am very thankful for LawCash.
Thank you LawCash for your speedy assistance with this matter. I just got a new job and was in need of transportation. This cash will really help me.

LawCash takes pride in aiding our clients through challenging times by providing pre-settlement funding for individuals and families as they recover from injuries and await the outcome of their litigation. If you need assistance in making ends meet, call 1(800) LAW-CASH or apply for funding online for litigation funding.