Pre-Settlement and Litigation Funding: September Testimonials

LawCash is the premier pre-settlement funding company in the United States. We offer litigation funding in order to help out clients in their moments of need following an accident, and before the outcome of a trial has been decided. Here are some of our client testimonials, to better showcase how happy our clients are with LawCash’s pre-settlement legal funding services. Our litigation funding helps those in need get through the difficult times following an accident, by making sure they’re able to keep up with bills and weather the storm as they await a fair outcome to their case. 


Ensuring Bills are Paid on Time

You all have helped me in my time of need because I am injured and cannot work and because of the incident with the police I lost my job. I was lucky to even eat a meal a day. I am sharing a room with my friends so I need to pay for my side of rent. I need my phone on for communication etc.

I am currently unemployed. This has helped me in my daily life.

1st money helped me bury my mother. 2nd money helping my son in college.

Being There in Your Moments of Need

I believe LawCash is great. They have supported me and helped me tremendously.

LawCash has been there always in my time of need. Thanks again for everything.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to pay off misc. bills. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Very helpful with daily living expenses and for back rent.

When It Matters Most, LawCash Delivers 

I am in need of the funds for surgery and to take care of my expenses while I am confined to home.

Thank you for everything. You guys always helped and I appreciate all the things you guys did for me. Thank you once again.

LawCash has helped me in a great way in my time of need. I will use the funds to travel to Mobile, Alabama to attend my cousin’s funeral. Thank you very much for helping me with an urgent matter. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Waymon L.

In times of need and emergency, your company is the 5 seconds on the clock. Never had anything bad to say about your company. I would refer others to your services.

LawCash is proud to make a difference in these individuals’ lives. If these services suit your needs, call 1(800) LAW-CASH or apply for legal funding online to find out if you qualify for funding.