Why Receive Your Pre-Settlement Funding​ in an Installment Payment Plan?

You’ve made the next step in getting your life back on track. Perhaps you suffered an injury due to a business’s negligence, a car accident, or other tragedy. You may have missed work or be unable to work. You may have expensive medical bills, or a mortgage that needs to be paid. Such is the plight of those wrongfully injured. Now you’ve made the decision to receive pre-settlement funding.

If you are selecting a pre-settlement funding payment option, an installment payment plan, also known as a rolling contract, may be the best choice. These installment payment plans enforce financial discipline, which is very important when it comes to lawsuits. At the same time, installment plan cash funding will also ensure that you are able to meet your monthly obligations, such as your mortgage, utility bills, and car payments.

This financial ease of mind will help reduce the burden for plaintiffs pursuing litigation. At the same time, it will also relieve pressure on your lawyers, who are working hard to secure the settlements their clients deserve. Lawyers tend to take their client’s well-being very seriously. If they know their clients are struggling to get by month-to-month, lawyers may have to allow the client to accept a settlement too quickly, resulting in a potentially significantly lower settlement for the plaintiff.

Luckily, litigation financing allows plaintiffs and their legal teams to focus on putting forth the best possible case. With a rolling contract, cash funding will be month-to-month, reducing the risk of a client accidentally overspending.

Another important benefit of installment payments is lower costs. For plaintiffs, the final cost of pre-settlement funding from a rolling contract is significantly cheaper. The repayment amount, which will be deducted from your settlement, will be lower than it would be with a lump-sum payment. Importantly, you will only be obligated to repay the funding if you win your legal case.

Installment payment plans are cheaper because the usage fees are determined when the cash is advanced. With a lump sum, the payment provider must determine all of the usage fees up front. With cash funding installment payment plans, the provider can adjust rates for each month.

With litigation financing, you can receive the cash funding you need now and focus on your legal case. For most clients, a pre-settlement funding installment payment plan will be the most cost-effective and logical choice.