Pre-Settlement Funding News: HIV Drug from Gilead Sciences Inc.

Earlier this month, many patients with HIV and/or AIDs in California gathered with their supporters, HIV litigation attorneys, and Rutherford Law to celebrate Honorable Carolyn B. Kuhl’s new ruling. This new ruling allows HIV/AIDS patients to move forward with their mass tort claims against drug company Gilead Sciences Inc. The California court’s ruling was in response to a personal injury lawsuit filed in May 2018 at the request of patients living in California with HIV. The legal action is being funded by the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF), however, the organization will not receive any financial compensation for anything other than the actual court costs.

The Case Against Gilead Sciences Inc.

The Superior Court of the State of California in the County of Los Angeles rejected all but one of the Bay Area drug company’s arguments, which sought to have all of the legal theories of patients dismissed. The ruling will give patients the opportunity to share their story and seek justice after alleging Gilead Science Inc. suppressed their new, safer drug TAF from the market only to extend the sales of its existing HIV medications, including the drug TDF. The lawsuit also states that the drug company knew of health risks and damaging side effects associated with TDF, including permanent damage to kidneys and bones, but chose not to warn patients.

According to Liza Brereton, HIV litigation attorney, the drug company’s profit-driven actions were not in line with patient health and safety. Brereton expressed gratitude for the opportunity that patients will have now that they can appear in court and have their voices heard. One of the plaintiffs, Michael Lujano, stated that the drug company chose to maximize profits from its TDF medications and mislead the public while disregarding patients’ health. Lujano went on to say he is happy that Judge Kuhl has ruled in the plaintiff’s favor and will allow the case against Gilead to proceed.

How Long Will the Plaintiffs Wait for an Award

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