Surgery Financing for your Lawsuit

In the event of an accident, surgery financing can be vital to your recovery. If you don’t have sufficient health insurance, you may not be able to pay for the surgery you need. Whether you’re in a motor vehicle accident, experience a slip and fall or sustain injuries due to another’s negligence, LawCash surgery funding could be the answer.

Immediate Surgery Funding

LawCash specializes in assisting clients in need of immediate medical attention. Often, people suffering from accident-related injuries need medical attention quickly. Attorneys rely on LawCash surgery funding because it protects clients by allowing them to quickly and easily secure healthcare.  Surgery financing can often be the difference between settling for treatment that won’t make you better and making a complete recovery.

LawCash, an industry innovator, has offered surgery funding for years. Full-time underwriters expert in personal-injury law make quick decisions once you submit our easy surgery funding application, and then LawCash gets the payment to your medical provider(s) immediately.

LawCash has designed all of its services, and especially surgery financing, to be fast and professionally executed. Surgery financing clients need to present only the following with their request:

  • The defendant’s insurance information
  • Surgery type and cost
  • A breakdown of the payment due providers.

Avoiding Dangerous Delays

The insurance process is complex and difficult to navigate. Dealing with doctors and billing can be extremely complicated, and bureaucracy can often result in life-changing delays. If you or a loved one is in an accident, immediate medical help is often necessary but not always available.

Surgery funding extends to a variety of procedures, including lumbar fusions, brain-related procedures and knee reconstructions.  LawCash assists with both inpatient and outpatient surgery and recovery procedures.  Our experts work alongside the best doctors, surgeons and hospitals to negotiate for the lowest-possible rates. Call LawCash today, and ask us about our surgery financing and litigation funding options.

Call us today at 1-800-LAW-CASH (1-800-529-2274) or apply online to get the surgery funding you need to recover after an accident.