Using Litigation Financing for a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Sex Abuse Civil Suits Eligible for Litigation Financing

Lawsuits are almost always time consuming and complex, and sexual abuse lawsuits are no exception. Given the personal nature of the cases, the arguments and feelings stirred up in these lawsuits can seem overwhelming. In addition to the injustice done to them, victims of sexual abuse may experience financial difficulties while waiting for their cases to wind their way through the legal process.

If you have a pending civil suit for sex abuse, pre settlement funding may be the solution to your financial needs. A legal funding company like LawCash can help provide financial assistance after you have suffered physical and emotional trauma and are awaiting the outcome of a lawsuit. Unfortunately, sexual abuse or assault is not uncommon, and LawCash has a lot of experience in funding abuse lawsuits over the years. We understand and are here to help if needed.

Civil Suits Revisit the Trauma and Present New Difficulties

Unfortunately, when the time comes to prosecute your civil suit for sexual assault, you may face new obstacles. A personal injury lawsuit for sex abuse is often an unpleasant experience for survivors. The accused abuser will often attack the victim, blaming the victim for what happened and doing everything he or she can to make it seem as if you are not telling the truth. Investigators may delve into your background to dig up dirt and attack your character.

The defense may also adopt the tactic of delaying litigation in hopes that memories will fade, witnesses will be less cooperative and more forgetful, and the plaintiff will run out of money to pursue their case. Each of these strategies subsequently victimizes the plaintiff again. The longer a suit drags on, the more mental and emotional stress you suffer.  Continued lack of closure, the feeling of the case “hanging over your head”, and having to withstand unpleasant and unwarranted attacks, only creates more personal suffering. You may need time off from work, have to pay for counseling, or need extra cash to cover unexpected expenses.

Pre-settlement Funding Can Ensure A Just Result

Survivors of abuse need to start moving forward with their lives and forget the past trauma as best they can. LawCash litigation financing can help you to stay solvent through the course of your civil suit, and ensure that the abuser suffers just consequences for his or her actions.

If you find yourself falling behind in bills and cannot catch up, you can always call LawCash today at 1-800-LAW-CASH (1-800-529-2274) and apply now for assistance.


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