What is LawCash®?

Hello. Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in LawCash®. While our headquarters is located here in New York City, we have offices nationwide. In fact, we operate in 47 states including the District of Columbia. If you go to the location page on our website, you will find much more detail. Since our founding in 2000, LawCash’s® mission statement has been crystal clear and that has been to be the premier financial service provider for banking, insurance, and other financial service products for the legal community and our clients. In fact, what we do is we help people. We help people in their time of need while they are waiting for their case to settle. We have a number of our clients who come to us and tell us that the reason they needed the money was to stop a foreclosure or an eviction. In that regard, we provide peace of mind to our clients; the peace of mind to have the financial pressures lifted while they wait for their attorney to do what their attorney does best, which is to find a just, reasonable and equitable solution to their case. Unfortunately, if you know you are going to be getting a million-dollar settlement in a year, it does not help when food and shelter become the primary issues today. LawCash® helps bridge that gap. Please call 1-800-529-2274 for information about receiving litigation financing, or apply here for aid from LawCash, the nation’s premier pre-settlement funding company.

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